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Ship Maintenance Services

Pressure washing means the cleaning of various surfaces with clean water. Different types of particles, such as sand, can be added to pressurized water to enhance cleaning efficiency.

  • Engine main bearing transplants.
  • Main bearing and crankpin surveys.
  • Crankpin journal diameter machining in situ.
  • In place main bearing machining.
  • Repair of cracked diesel engine blocks, cylinders, bedplates and entablatures.
  • Refurbishment of cylinder liner landing areas.
  • In place In line boring on all engines.
  • Engine alignment.
  • Stern Tube and A-frame alignment/boring.
  • Reboring coupling holes.
  • Machine crane pedestal seats.
  • Re-bore thruster and stabilizer location bores.
  • Rudder housing, blade and horn alignment and reboring.
  • Re metal and re-machine worn propeller hubs.

Ship Cleaning Services

  • Pressure washing for ships
  • High-efficiency vacuum cleaning for ships
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