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ARGO SHIPCHANDLERS can provide your ship and its vessel with a vast amount of products. Please refer to our products overview below and do not hesitate to contact us for prices.

Lifting and Lashing Items

ARGO Offers offers a diverse choice of lifting and other hoisting products. We can fabricate all sling types ensure a custom made design suitable for your specific purpose. All items can be delivered with test certificate to OCIMF requirements

  • Shackles - Tested shackles, stainless steel and standard galvanized shackles. In both "D" and "Bow" types.
  • Hooks - Various types of hooks and attachments for chain slings Rigging Equipment -swivels,turnbuckles, rigging screws, drum lifting clamps, beam clamps, lever hoists, snatch blocks, pulley blocks, marlin spikes, wire rope clamps, eye-bolts, eye-nuts, thimbles and a complete range of tiedown equipment.
  • Dunnage Supply
  • Car Lashing Belts
  • Slings - Wire Ropes
  • Slings = strong, dependable and economical option Various constructions for all uses eg crane wire, slipway wire
  • Slings – Chain
  • Grade 80 chain - lifting slings
  • Transport chain - eg tie downs
  • Alloy chain slings are often selected when operating under high temperatures or rugged conditions that would abrade or destroy other types of slings. They are flexible, durable and longlasting, ductile, easy to inspect, collapsible for convenient storage. They also have the ability to be repaired. Nearly any damaged component discovered during an inspection can be repaired and restored to useful condition. During the repair process, slings will be refurbished, proof tested and recertified, offering an economical alternative to new chain sling replacements.
  • Slings - Web Slings
  • Safe working loads of up to 24 tonnes. Larger sizes made to order.
  • PULLEY/Cargo Block
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